Bianca Pina is a multi-disciplinary artist, poet, and designer based in London. Her explorations span across various mediums including language, ink, clay and digital and physical space.


Starting in Fine Arts, Bianca's interests led to the development of her graphic and object design practices. She is a co-founder of several ventures, including Planque, Page Thirty Three, and Side Project.

Bianca is a lateral thinker, who works across many mediums and genres. Through poetry, Bianca reconstructs language to create new spaces and meanings. Her visual art serves as a tool for exploring different states of body and mind, sharing her world and cosmology. As a poet, she uses language like pigment or clay, while as an artist she uses materials to develop language.

Incidentally, Bianca's work has a spatial quality, and her long fascination with interior spaces has inspired her to design functional objects that facilitate or enhance a way of being within an environment.

Her work has been featured in publications such as It's Nice That, How to Spend it, Monocle Magazine, Wallpaper, Sight Unseen, and more.

Bianca is completing an MA in Writing Poetry through The Poetry School London and Newcastle University. Her poetry has been described as "...unafraid, embodied, rippled through with a mix of nostalgia and a sort of anti-nostalgia - something claustrophobic and unsettling that pulls you, not through the poem but right into it." – Ella Frears