Bianca Pina is a multi-disciplinary artist, poet, and designer based in London. Her work encompasses many mediums including language, ink, clay, pixels, photography and illustration.


Bianca studied Fine Arts, and her interests in photography and screen printing led to the development of her graphic design and object design practices. Bianca works in constellations rather than with strict linear ideas, her varied practices counter-balance and inform each other.

Bianca has completed an MA in Writing Poetry through Newcastle University & The Poetry School London. Her poetry often has an arresting, brittle quality that can be both jagged and tender and explores the complex fields of family and personal history. She has published a chapbook titled Artificial & Otherwise with Good Space Gallery (2023) for their Machine Dreams exhibition. Individual poems have been featured in Empty House Press, Green Ink Poetry, Sybil Journal, Acropolis Journal, Black Iris Poetry& The Pomegranate London. Her writing and audio-text can be found on the Research page & on her monthly newsletter.

When not reading or writing, Bianca is drawing pictures of bookshelves, rolling around in the grass with her son or working as a Creative Director and Graphic Designer. Her design work has been featured in publications such as It's Nice That, How to Spend it, Monocle Magazine, Wallpaper, Sight Unseen. She is currently the Creative Director and Cultural Programer for Planque London.

Bianca's poetry has been described as "...unafraid, embodied, rippled through with a mix of nostalgia and a sort of anti-nostalgia - something claustrophobic and unsettling that pulls you, not through the poem but right into it."

– Ella Frears